The future of employee workplace wellbeing

By November 29, 2018 No Comments

Nowadays, corporate wellness is not a luxury, it  is becoming a necessary component of a corporate structure.  Leaders of companies are now realising that looking after the wellbeing of their employees affects the overall company is a hugely positive way. Implementing a wellness strategy in to a workplace environment has many benefits to a company including increasing employee retention, decreasing absenteeism levels and increasing the level of productivity and employee morale.

As workplace wellness programme in companies is becoming more and more important, global businesses are now including a wellness programme in to their company strategy.  There are many ways in which they are doing this to ensure that the wellness programme is reaching the highest engagement it can thought-out their workforce.

Some ways in which companies are implementing their wellness programmes in to their overall company strategy:

  • Promoting health and wellness thought out their companies branding and overall marketing strategy
  • Making their wellness programmes as accessible as possible to their employees. Companies are achieving this by having technology where their employees can access and engage with other employees in relation to their company wellness programme
  • Ensuring employees working environment are safe and as healthy as possible

Ensuring that wellness programmes are effective and are having a positive effect on employee’s, regular surveys are recommended to measure the level of wellness among employees in a workplace. Wellness programmes need to be constantly altered to fit the ever-changing needs of employees. If a wellness programme can always be measured and changed to fit the culture of the company, then the employees will get the most from that wellness programme.

There are many different elements of the future of workplace wellness to onsite fitness facilities, free access to health coaches, nutrition guidelines, health screenings and on site one to one programmes. These are just some of the aspects of wellness programmes that are the future for all companies.

Employees are becoming more and more selective as to where they want to work. Having a wellness programme in place is now a criteria for many employees when choosing a company they wish to work for. Companies who do not have a wellness employee programme in place and going to lose out on great employees and will struggle to hold on to valuable employees as they chose to work for a company that will provide a working environment that is healthy and positive.

There are many ways in which companies can start bringing more wellness to their employees

  • Offering more healthy food alternatives in the staff canteen
  • Creating a work challenge to encourage employees to move more and will also help with team building
  • Offer employee fitness classes etc in work. On lunch time is a great time to do this
  • Have a walking trail which will encourage employees to have more walking meetings or to have a quick walk at lunch
  • Provide height-adjustable standing desks so employees are not sitting on a chair for 8 hours straight

Investing in your employee’s wellbeing in the best way to ensure their long-term resiliency and commitment. If you employees are happy and healthy this will be the best driving force for success for any company. A company is only as good as their employees.