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Importance of Sleep in Relation to Workplace Wellness

Richard 06/06/2018

Workplace wellness is an important and popular topic that has led to employers making big investments in employee well-being. Personalised wellness apps, physical activity challenges, nutrition education, and employee assistance programmes as just some of the ways that employers are supporting the physical and mental health of their employees. One area of focus that has received less attention is sleep, but sufficient sleep is an essential component of employee health. Sleep deprivation presents considerable risks to health and well-being and also has costly consequences for organisations. Without enough sleep, overall well-being and productivity suffers. Economic losses in the UK due to insufficient sleep amount to 200,000 lost work days and $50 billion annually. [1] Sleep deprivation is much more dangerous than most people realise and has many negative effects on employees and the workplace: Communication When employees are tired they have more difficulty communicating and are less able to understand cues from other people or their environment. Tired workers are a danger to themselves and others and the highest rate of major workplace safety incidents is found among shift workers. It is well established that shift workers can experience serious fatigue due to lack of sleep or sleep cycle disruptions.…

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