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Health Assessment

Zevo Health Index: measurement across the spectrum

Zevo Health Index

The Zevo Health Index is a health scoring mechanism that looks at both the employees’ health, and the organisational health. It provides employees with practical solutions to improve their personal health, and it helps the organisation to set wellness goals that are aligned with the business goals. Research indicates that organisations with a high health score are up to three times more successful than organisations with a low score.

Employee Health Assessment

The employee health assessment is a health measurement tool that provides the employee with a comprehensive overview of his or her health. Employees receive an interpreted report that will help them identify areas where they can improve their health. The areas covered include physical health, mental health, engagement and productivity, financial security and relationships. The employees’ health information is confidential and is not shared with the organisation.

Organisational Health Assessment

The organisational health assessment is a health measurement that provides the organisation with recommendations to set strategic goals and commit to them. We use a scientific, data-driven approach to identify where the organisation is not aligned with it’s goals and what improvements are necessary to sustain long-term performance. The organisational health can be assessed independently from the employees’ health.

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Real-time measurement

With our technology we set up a continuous measurement. This allows your organisation to respond quickly to changing trends. With our mobile apps we get a good overview of the health of your workforce. In addition, we run frequent quick surveys to get more in-depth knowledge. Health results are never shown on an individual level to ensure employees’ privacy.

Workplace Wellness adjustments

Your business changes constantly. Seasonal effects, changes in demand and changes in the competitive landscape all influence the well-being of your employees. Based on the findings, we will suggest changes in your workplace wellness programme. We respond quickly to changing needs in your organisation by selecting the right elements from a spectrum of wellness solutions. This way we maximise the performance of your workforce.

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