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Data Driven Workplace Wellness

The effectiveness of workplace wellness initiatives depends on many factors including company culture, demographics, workload, and more. Without the right tools, it can be an almost impossible task for HR departments to select the right workplace wellness initiatives. With our technology, we measure the employees need and adapt the workplace wellness program to it. We continuously measure the effectiveness of the program and report back to HR.

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Mobile Apps

Our technology combines our three core modules Move, Nourish & Inspire. Move is a tailored exercise programme, Nourish gives employees structured nutritional programmes based on an employee requirements, while Inspire focuses on mental wellbeing training. We believe combing our three core modules provides a comprehensive programme that your employees will love. The application enables a lot of smart gamification features where your office can be split into teams and you can compete against each other. It allows accessibility for international offices and remote workers too. The application is designed to boost engagement, it is branded to your company and integrates with your existing wellness programme if you have one.

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Health Dashboard

Before the programme begins, and during the programme we gather data. You will find this data in our Health Dashboard. Conscious of your employees’ privacy, you will not be able to see individual results, however you will be able to identify trends in your organisation. This way it is easier to identify the effectiveness of the workplace wellness programme. You will see what initiatives are most effective for your employees, and what you can do to improve the programme further. Zevo Health will help you to interpret the data.

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