Workplace Challenges

Get your company moving

To encourage moving within organisations, and to drive engagement, we organise workplace challenges. There are different types of challenges. Here are some great examples:

Company to the Moon

In a 'company to the Moon' challenge, the whole organisation works together to walk 384,400 km. We will calculate a time limit that is challenging, so participants are encouraged to take some extra steps. Participants can follow the status 24/7 on the app. For smaller companies we can do variations like 'Around the World' (40.075 km).

Team Battle

In a Team Battle, the workplace is split up in several teams that compete against each other. Team are rewarded with points for steps, exercises and meditations. This way every employee can contribute to the team points in their own way. Participants see their and other team's progress on the leader board. The point system and length of challenges can be adjusted.

7 days 10k streak

In individual challenges, employees can challenge each other. In a 7 days 10k streak, participants have to complete 10,000 steps during 7 days. Participants that don't make the 10,000 steps are eliminated. Individual challenges can be organised and customised without the help of the Zevo Health team.

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Ireland’s  Healthy Workplace Challenge 2019

In January 2019, Zevo Health organises the “Ireland’s Healthy Workplace Challenge”. This is a challenge where organisations are competing against each other. Is employee well being a strategic choice for your company? It is time to put it into action and show Ireland. Put your teams together and start training. Sign up today for Ireland’s Healthy Workplace Challenge 2019. #GetIntoGear

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