Davina Ramkissoon, MSc


Education: Davina graduated in 2012 with a Masters in Health Psychology from University of Surrey.

Areas of Expertise: Davina has extensive experience of working with people in varied roles and settings with a focus on supporting the development and delivery of behaviour change interventions for the improvement and maintenance of healthier lifestyles.

About Davina

Davina is the Health & Wellbeing Director. She is responsible for creating data driven workplace behavioural interventions suitable for employees no matter where and how they may work. Her passions for working with people, improving wellbeing outcomes as well as travel have led her to roles in Europe, South East Asia and South America. She has designed large scale wellbeing programmes for many Fortune 500 companies. She has been responsible for leading Zevo’s team of specialists in the delivery of these global interventions and is also a regular Keynote speaker on workplace wellbeing, both in media and at conferences.

At Zevo, she is responsible for leading research and consultancy and has a keen interest in bringing psychological health and safety to the workplace in addition to maximizing the extent to which behaviour change techniques can be employed within the strategic design of workplace wellbeing programmes and across Zevo’s technology.