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Self care support - Understanding how sucessful self care can benefit your team

We have created a series of trainings to ensure your organisation has self care as am essential part of your employee wellbeing

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Gain an understanding the importance behind self care

Understanding the importance of self care and taking time to maximise your wellbeing is vital in your overall physical and mental health. Whether financial, relational, work-based or environmental – it is vital to recognise how common stressors can impact on physical and mental health if left unchecked.

Oftentimes self-care can gravitate into becoming another ‘to do’ list, leaving people burdened by a sense of needing to do specific things in order to be healthy, but instead this training invites a significant mental reframing of self-care, and advocates for sincere curiositiy, inviting the individual to explore new and enjoyable ways of taking care of personal needs.

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A snapshot of our return to work support package

Fundamentals of Self-Care

Format: Training available as a pre-record or live session
Length: 45mins + Q&A

It is normal to experience mixed thoughts and feelings when returning to the office. This training is geared towards the individual understanding their own needs during the easing of restrictions. Some of the takeaways from this training include:

  • Establish healthy boundaries while also connecting with others 
  • Recognise and manage symptoms of social anxiety 
  • Consider effective communications and assertiveness skills for challenging situations 
  • Understand your central nervous system and apply techniques to lower your stress reaction 
  • Build self-compassion and challenge negative self-dialogue 

Flourishing After Challenging

Format: Training available as a pre-record or live session
Length: 45mins + Q&A

This training looks at some positive psychology techniques to help promote wellbeing. These techniques have been found in the research not only to increase aspects of wellbeing, but also to decrease psychological distress.

Some other key takeaways include:

  • Learn about positive psychology and research supported techniques to promote psychological wellbeing.
  • Understand how to apply these skills using reflective tasks.
  • Discuss strategies to flourish and move away from languishing during difficult times
  • Understand the value of challenging the inner critic and the ‘shoulds’ it can impose.
  • Explore ways to find joy, meaning and purposeful, create a more positive affect for better wellbeing and build authentic connections with others.

Meaningful Disconnection

Format: Training available as a pre-record or live session
Length: 45mins + Q&A

This training will give clients the resources to cope with the struggles that arise from not being able to switch off, a space to create and cultivate disconnection that provides emotional nourishment.

Some of the takeaways from this training include:

  • Learn ways to develop the ability to better deal with ambiguous loss
  • Understand values-based living and its role in determining behaviour
  • Learn the importance of cultivating meaning and purpose as it links to wellbeing.
  • Learn how to effectively switch off from work and the essential role this plays in restorative processes
  • Know the difference between meaningful disconnection V’s distraction

Sleep and Recovery

Format: Training available as a pre-record or live session
Length: 45mins + Q&A

This training explores this subject in depth and provides attendees with valuable evidence-based insights to improve their sleep quality. Some other key takeaways include:

  • Learn the many health benefits of good quality sleep
  • Discover how much sleep we require and the consequences of sleep deprivation – Learn about sleep cycles and stages of sleep
  • Explore strategies to improve sleep quality including scheduling, bedtime routines, stimulants and lifestyle factors
  • Discuss the benefits and limitations of napping

Hear from Past Participants of our Programmes

“We are very happy with Zevo Health and pleased to be working with your team. I don’t know how you manage to make every company feel like they are your No.1 customer – it’s an impressive skill which seems to come naturally to you guys.”


“The training gave me a better understanding of different kinds of mental health issues, some of which I was not aware of. The role playing gave me a better insight on how to potentially deal with an issue if it arose”


We have a range of other workshops that may suite your needs too so don't hesitate to ask if you do not see one for you here