Coping With Emotions: The Skills of Emotional Intelligence

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Mental Health


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1 hour


It has been a challenging year on our mental health (CSO, 2021) and many need to be supported in managing the range of emotional impacts (fear, loss, frustration or anger). How we process our emotions predicts our health and wellbeing (Zeidner et al., 2011). It can affect everything from work, our relationships, to our physical and psychological health. There are cultural and environmental challenges to our emotional intelligence (Lim, 2016), from our cultural tendency to repress and avoid, to the recent psychological impact of the pandemic. However, EQ, the ability to identify, understand and manage the emotions of oneself and others can be thought, much unlike our IQ, and help individuals become more productive, successful (Serrat, 2017).


Attendees will leave having better awareness and understanding of:

  • The purpose of emotions Emotional Intelligence Labelling and learning the language of emotions
  • Emotions, health and health behaviors
  • Recognizing reoccurring patterns Mindfulness, CBT & ACT skills for emotional awareness, acceptance, and processing”

Suitable for

Any member with an interest in learning various tools and techniques on how we can look after ourselves to ensure positive wellbeing.

Hear from past participants of our workshops

“One of the best courses I have done this year. Really enjoyed it and experiencing it virtually did not take away from the content at all.”


“That was a really good training, thanks for organising. Nollaig was definitely one of the best presenters we have had!”


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