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This training comprises of two key parts. The first section addresses tips for managers on how to best support their employees as they return to the office environment.  Employees may have many mixed emotions when returning to the workplace and so it is important, and highly advantageous, for managers to be prepared to deal with the diversity of employee experience.

The pandemic has also given rise to many employees having much greater autonomy and flexibility in the way they work – and this can present a manager with additional new unforeseen challenges.

​ The second section addresses self-care practices to help managers to look after their own personal needs while navigating the transition, and provides them with an overview of effective, evidence-based approaches to manage any additional stressors that may present during this time.


  • Understand key principles necessary to cultivate a psychologically safe work environment
  • Explore attributes of compassionate leadership
  • Discuss the development of effective communication strategies
  • Examine current internal support structures and signposting to employee assistance
  • Understand the importance of workload awareness

Suitable for

This training will explores how communication strategies, internal support structures and leadership style can make a significant difference to the smooth unfolding of this process.

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