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Mental Health Champion Training

Equipping your employees with the tools to recognise and support mental health illness


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We initially started this workshop to help companies train their managerial staff to support their team members with their mental health concerns. However, we began to identify a trend occurring in the discussion around mental health in the workplace; managers and anyone who took part in the workshop also wanted to bring this support to their family and friends outside the workplace.
We then took it upon ourselves to create a tailored training session in mental health with all individuals in mind. The feedback from the course has been very positive.
With the pandemic and the impact of quarantine and isolation on our wellbeing, our mental health and resources to cope are being pushed to their limits. Now the need for each one of us to have the resources and knowledge to care for our mental health are more apparent then ever. That’s why we’ve adapted the initial course to make it suitable for anyone in the general public, not just managers, who would like to learn about mental health be able to do so. The pandemic has given way for us to reach a greater number of people through the online training and we anticipate the continued delivery of this much needed training post quarantine.
Training Duration: 1 Full Day or Half Day
Price for 1 full day plus 4 one-hour refresher sessions: €3,200

Price for half day plus 4 one-hour refresher sessions: €2,800

Who should attend? The Mental Health Champion training would be ideal for anyone who wants to learn about mental health and how to support others with mental health.
Certificate: Participants will receive a digital Zevo Health certificate upon completion of this 1 day course.
CPD: Zevo Health are an accredited CPD training provider.

Half Day: 4 points | Full Day: 8 points

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Training Outline

Mental Health Workplace Champion training will equip you with the knowledge of a range of mental health illnesses, enabling the recognition of common signs and symptoms either during a mental health crisis or during the development of a mental health illness. This training is not intended to replace the input of a medically trained practitioner but to encourage awareness of mental health within the workplace as well as identifying appropriate and timely interventions to support colleagues experiencing distress.

This training does not equip participants to diagnose mental health conditions and is not an alternative to an individual seeking medical intervention or therapeutic intervention from qualified mental health professionals.  

Section 1 | Mental Health Awareness

Participants will have an introduction to mental health and the mental health continuum.  You will learn to recognize the signs and symptoms associated with anxiety and depression as well as gaining an overview of other mental health illnesses.

  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.
  • The role of stress in mental health.

Section 2 | Communication Framework

Participants will build on the first session to learn skills and confidence in starting difficult conversations with employees dealing with emerging mental health illnesses or ongoing mental health. Best practice will be shared in supporting colleagues within the boundaries of one’s professional role. Signposting for support outside of work will also be shared.

  • Communication skills: How to develop empathic listening skills.
  • Challenging stigma.

Section 3 | Supporting During A Crisis

Understanding different types of crisis experienced during mental health difficulties such as panic attacks, self -harm and suicide. Participants will learn tools to help manage and de-escalate situations. We will also explore self-care strategies and ways to recover for HR professionals and business managers following such incidents.

  • Self-harming behaviours.
  • Panic Attacks.
  • De-escalation techniques  

Section 4 | Managing Mental Health During The Pandemic

This newly added section addresses the element of change and uncertainty currently being experienced during this unprecedented time. It’s important to understand how our health behaviours may change in response to the pandemic and ensure that we have the necessary wellbeing skills to support mental health.

  • Self-care.
  • Personal wellbeing audit.
  • Seeking professional support.


"I feel I have a better understanding of mental health issues, it has given me more confidence to talk to colleagues and ask the question - are you okay and how can I help?"


"The training gave me a better understanding of different kinds of mental health issues, some of which I was not aware of. The role playing gave me a better insight on how to potentially deal with an issue if it arose"


"One of the best courses I have done this year. Really enjoyed it and experiencing it virtually did not take away from the content at all"

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of participants would strongly recommend to a friend or colleague


What is mental health?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined mental health as “a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community”. 

Who should attend?

The Mental Health Champion training would be ideal for anyone who wants to learn about mental health and how to support others with mental health. Research on early intervention paints a very clear picture: the sooner we engage imental health treatment, the better the outcomes are for the individual. Less pain, less distress and less suffering in silence. Early intervention allows people to build the emotional skills needed to recover and acquire positive coping mechanisms for their future.  

We all have mental health and at Zevo Health, we believe the shame and stigma associated with mental health should be a memory of the past. Our mission is to help people to thrive, and as human beings, we know that we thrive best in communities with strong social connection and support. 

This course will be relevant to the general public and their day to day experience of mental health which will be reflected in the learnings and language used throughout the course. 

Supporting people experiencing distress due to mental health comes with its own challenges, and we encourage that mental health champions have clearly identified support networks and processes in place that will enable them to remain mentally healthy themselves. 

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of this course?

Participants will receive a digital Zevo Health certificate upon completion of this 1 day course.

Is there a selection criteria for attending this course?

Whilst there are no formal selection criteria from Zevo Health for attendance of this course, we would encourage that people sign up to this course after considering the following points:  

  • You have a genuine interest in supporting others with their Mental Health.
  • You feel able to support others with their mental health issues.
  • You do not have a current unmanaged mental health illness. (If you are experiencing mental health difficulties and are not engaged in therapeutic or medical intervention then this may impact your ability to support others) 
  • You have good listening and empathy skills of the desire to develop these. 
  • You can remain calm supporting others during times of stress/distress.  

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