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Mental Health


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1 hour


The winter months can be a challenging time for many people, particularly fter Christmas – dealing with the cold dark days can significantly impact our mood, in conjunction with additional financial and relationship stressors that can arise at this time of year. With this dynamic and challenging environment in mind, we have developed this training focussed on cultivating positive mental health and coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder.


  • Understand the underlying philosophy of positive mental health
  • Learn about the Mental Health Continuum​
  • Explore factors that promote positive mental health​
  • Learn about evidence-based tools and techniques​ to boost mental health
  • Understand the mechanisms of Seasonal Affective Disorder and preventive actions

Suitable for

The aim of this session is to highlight and appreciate the impact of addiitonal stressors at this time and help participants to recognise symptoms of struggle, both for themselves personally, and in others. This content aims to offer uplifting strategies to bring more lightness into dark gloomy days

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“One of the best courses I have done this year. Really enjoyed it and experiencing it virtually did not take away from the content at all.”


“That was a really good training, thanks for organising. Nollaig was definitely one of the best presenters we have had!”


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