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Mental Health Summit 2018

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From Policy to Practice: Strengthening our response to promote, protect and restore mental health.

Mental ill health accounts for almost 20% of the burden of disease in the WHO European Region and mental health problems affect one in four people at some time in life. Indeed, six out of the 20 countries with the highest suicide rates in the world are in the European Region.

Mental health is everyone’s business. It affects both the lives of people living with mental health problems and the productivity of society as a whole. In many Western countries, mental disorders are the leading cause of disability, responsible for 30-40% of chronic sick leave and costing some 3% of GDP.*

Much is now known about what works in mental health promotion, prevention, care and treatment. But, the challenge now is to implement this knowledge. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit comparison study of mental health and integration in 30 European countries, Ireland has an above-average ranking with our biggest strength being very advanced policy development, but, our implementation record of this policy is poor.

Faced with constant policy implementation challenges, speeding up delivery of Ireland’s vision for its mental healthcare is one of the main issues we’ll be exploring at the Sunday Business Post’s 2nd annual Mental Health Summit. In addition, we’ll look at the new 10 year healthcare strategy (and what it means for mental health services), moving care into the community setting and the effective use of digital technologies in mental health.


Date: November 9th 2018

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