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Most households are unsure about how far their existing financial planning arrangements will go towards their desired financial objectives and future lifestyles. Therefore, a cashflow model is based on each households’ current incomes and expenditures, assets, investments and debts, projected forward year by year, using assumed growth rates, incomes, inflation, and interest rates.

This training will be especially useful for individuals who are too busy with work, family and everyday life to keep on top of personal finances and would like to have guidance on creating a roadmap towards their desired financial future.


  • Learn how to gauge a realistic prediction of an inidividual’s financial future based upon current spending habits.
  • Discuss some of the most common financial challenges individuals experience.
  • Explore how cashflow modelling can assist with current and future financial planning.
  • Understand how to develop a personal financial roadmap towards a preferred financial future.

Suitable for

Suitable for anyone looking for an understanding of financial wellbeing and practical steps to improve financial planning and cash flow.

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