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Nutritional Health


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The field of nutrition is ever-evolving, every year new research is published and discoveries are made that add to our knowledge. It can be confusing at times, as often information conflicts or differs and it can leave individuals unsure of what’s best for them. This is due to the challenging nature of dietary experiments, as well as genetic diversity – and its essential to recognise that when it comes to food, truly, no one size fits all. As such, it is important for individuals to build a personal reference, to increase their awareness of how to determine what works for them individually.

National healthy eating guidelines are examined and compared with dietary patterns that have proven to have extensive health benefits, supporting vitality and longevity. Individuals will leave with a clearer picture of the most recent healthy eating principles and how to modify them for their personal needs.


  • Understand the basic nutritional building blocks
  • Learn about the important role phytonutrients play in supoorting systemic balance
  • Explore healthy eating guidelines and dietary patterns
  • Learn about gut-health and the importance of a healthy microbiome
  • Discuss simple strategies to improve personal dietary choices

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This training covers the general, basic building blocks of a healthy balanced diet – and supplements this information with more recent findings on phytonutrients, the microbiome and medicinal mushrooms to name but a few.

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