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The Global Standard in Trust and Safety Wellbeing Solutions

Empowering the psychological health and safety of content moderation teams by providing a world-class ecosystem of human intervention, best practice and technology.

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 Protecting Brands & Moderators

From recruitment and onboarding through to leaver support

Human Intervention

Our team of licensed and accredited mental health professionals (Wellbeing Specialists) provide unrivalled support to strengthen & protect moderators’ mental health, helping them excel in their vital work.

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Best Practice

 Zevo is dedicated to upholding the highest standards, delivering mental health support that aligns with best practice from a clinical, legislation and compliance perspective. We set the industry benchmarks for moderator care.

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Zevo’s platform offers employees round-the-clock access to professional mental health support. The platform provides the organization with extensive reporting on performance, engagement and utilization.

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Why the best companies

in the world choose Zevo

Rapid Response

Our global community of Wellbeing Specialists enables us to provide fast turnaround and rapid response of solutions. Supporting 40+ languages globally.

Duty of Care

Unwavering commitment to the psychological safety and health of Content Moderators, ensuring they are supported through extensive proactive solutions in addition to day-to-day crisis interventions.

Compliance Assurance

Ensuring alignment with evolving global regulations and helping to mitigate compliance and legal risks, while upholding operational integrity.

Brand Integrity

Protecting your brand value and reducing the risk of negative publicity by ensuring the mental health and wellbeing of your content moderation teams.

Trust & Safety Consulting

Development of best practice Trust and Safety program design with extensive expertise and experience across all major egregious workflows.

Performance Optimization

Enhancing productivity through moderator engagement and wellbeing – increasing retention, reducing attrition, and improving accuracy.

 Supported  Industries

Organizational Impact

“We shortlisted and ultimately engaged Zevo Health after a lengthy search for a leading employee health and wellness program for our moderation staff. Their commitment and attention to the wellbeing of our employees and the qualifications of their team of experts in the field are exceptional. We couldn’t be happier with the partnership.”


“We have been working with Zevo for the past 2.5 years and we have been very happy with the wellness service provided to our employees. In that time Zevo has worked closely with me and my team to make sure we feel supported and listened to. Zevo has been open to feedback and also has provided me and my leadership team with invaluable insights from the group sessions which have allowed us to further support our employees in real-time. We would have no hesitation in recommending the team at Zevo.”


“Zevo has provided the backbone of counselling support to our Trust & Safety Operations team during this time as well as providing wider wellness talks for the entire team. The sessions for Trust & Safety – both group and individual – have been consistently supportive and productive. Team members look forward to the time they have with Zevo counsellors and, most importantly, this motivates the team to prioritize their wellbeing.”


Customer Impact


Reduction in Occupational Burnout


Reduction in Anxiety Symptoms


Reduction in Trauma Symptoms

Impact on Content Moderators


Reduction in Occupational Burnout


Reduction in Anxiety Symptoms


Reduction in Trauma Symptoms
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Dedicated Interventions

For Each Major Type of Egregious Content

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