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Create Resilient & High-Performing

Content Moderators

Delivering evidence-based wellbeing support
at every stage of a Content Moderator’s career journey

Human Intervention

Network of Licensed and Accredited Mental Health Professionals

  • Masters-educated professionals in Psychology, Psychotherapy, Clinical Social Work, Clinical Professional Counselling, and more.
  • Over three years of clinical experience, ensuring adept handling of complex challenges.
  • Global community of Wellbeing Specialists enables us to provide fast turnaround and rapid response of solutions.

Supporting Content Moderators at Every Step

  • Comprehensive support from recruitment and onboarding through to leaver intervention.
  • Immediate response and care for moderators encountering distressing egregious content.
  • Accessible, personalized therapy sessions tailored to individual needs.

Ensuring Positive Outcomes for Content Moderators

  • Regular check-ins and surveys to track changes and improvements in wellbeing.
  • Implementing feedback and data-driven insights to refine and enhance support services.
  • Examining changes in work output and quality as indicators of mental health impact.

Best Practice

Leading with Best Practices in Compliance and Care

  • Ensuring alignment with evolving global regulations and mitigation of compliance and legal risks.
  • Unwavering commitment to the psychological safety and health of Content Moderators.
  • Regular updates of clinical protocols to stay ahead in industry standards and care.

Elevating Brand Integrity and Safety

  • Protecting your brand value and reducing the risk of negative publicity by ensuring the mental health and wellbeing of your content moderation teams.
  • Our standards ensure a safe, respectful, and supportive environment for moderators.
  • We champion best practices that reflect positively on our customers and their brands.

Advanced Consulting Through Research and Collaboration

  • Development of best practice Trust and Safety program design with extensive clinical expertise and experience.
  • Collaborating with leading universities and researchers to develop industry-wide standards and practices.
  • Dedicated interventions for each major type of egregious content.


Intuitive Therapy Management

  • User-friendly platform for easy session booking and management.
  • Seamless integration for both online and in-person therapy sessions.
  • Extensive reporting on performance, engagement and utilization.

Real-Time Support Anytime, Anywhere

  • Instant access to mental health resources and support.
  • Flexible solutions that fit the demanding schedules of Content Moderators.
  • Fully compliant with GDPR and HIPAA standards, ensuring data privacy and security.

Continuous Learning and Engagement

  • A wealth of educational content and resources to support moderators’ mental health journeys.
  • Interactive learning modules, masterclasses, and webinars tailored for continuous professional growth.
  • A community-driven approach to learning, fostering engagement and shared experiences.

The Importance of wellbeing support for Content Moderators

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