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Elevating Content Moderation Wellbeing in BPOs Across the Globe

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Why the Biggest BPOs

in the World Choose Zevo

Compliance Assurance

Ensuring alignment with evolving global regulations and helping to mitigate compliance and legal risks, while upholding operational integrity.

Ensuring End-Client Satisfaction

Enhance client satisfaction with our global network of experts ensuring uniform service quality across all regions.

Scalability Across Regions

Expand your reach without compromising service quality with our scalable solutions tailored for diverse linguistic and cultural needs.

Duty of Care

Unwavering commitment to the psychological safety and health of Content Moderators, ensuring they are supported through extensive proactive solutions in addition to day-to-day crisis interventions.

Ensuring Quality in Rapid Recruitment

Zevo Health not only responds swiftly to hire Wellbeing Specialists across various regions but also upholds stringent quality standards. We ensure that speed does not compromise excellence, delivering top-tier support for your content moderation team.

Avoid Penalties

Stay ahead of regulatory changes and avoid costly penalties with our proactive compliance strategies. Our expert team ensures that your operations adhere to the latest standards, minimizing risk and safeguarding your business from potential fines and legal issues.

Our Global Footprint

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The Zevo Accreditation Program

Enhance your expertise with the Zevo Accreditation Program (ZAP), a professional development certification tailored for mental health professionals in the Trust & Safety industry. Through ZAP training, Zevo onsite specialist teams gain Trust and Safety-specific expertise.

This training ensures a thorough understanding of the role of wellbeing specialists in responding to on-the-spot data and tracking requests, as well as familiarity with the Zevo cross-functional team available to support them. We recognize that our partners operate beyond the standards of HIPAA, GDPR, and UK data privacy laws. Therefore, we collaborate from the outset to meet the exacting data requirements of your customers.

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Additional Support to Clinicians

Weekly Internal Supervision

Regular internal supervision sessions for internal case reviews, designed to enhance the skillset of each Clinician and ensure consistent professional development.

Monthly & Quarterly External Supervision

Monthly one-on-one external supervision for each Clinician, complemented by quarterly team-wide external supervision, providing additional perspectives and support.

Monthly Clinical Best Practice Call

Join our monthly call with the entire Zevo team, covering industry insights, pressing issues, evidence-based clinical interventions, and gathering feedback to continually improve our services.

Compliant Case Management System

Utilize our secure, HIPAA-compliant case management system, complete with robust reporting and analytics to support comprehensive case management and data-driven decision-making.

Our Solutions


Streamlined Compliance and Audit Preparation

As a trusted BPO partner, we understand the critical importance of compliance and audit readiness. Our aim is to ease your audit preparation, ensuring efficiency and peace of mind. With stringent client requirements, seamless audits are essential to avoid penalties and maintain client satisfaction.

Our comprehensive support includes customized reporting templates, audit-ready documentation, compliance consultation, and proactive risk mitigation, all designed to streamline your audit preparation process and ensure you meet industry standards with confidence.

  • Customized Reporting Templates – Tailored templates meet specific audit requirements, presenting information in your client’s preferred format, saving you time and effort.
  • Audit-Ready Documentation – Our data team delivers audit-ready reports with thorough documentation, ensuring accuracy and completeness to meet regulatory standards.
  • Compliance Consultation – We offer expert consultation to navigate complex regulations, providing insights and guidance to ensure compliance.
  • Proactive Risk Mitigation – We identify and address potential compliance issues promptly, helping you avoid penalties and maintain client satisfaction.

For Organizations

Strategic Wellbeing Integration: An End-to-End Approach to Organizational Health

  • Customer Onboarding – Recruitment consultancy, psychological risk assessments and wellbeing audits to integrate mental health support into your organization’s fabric.
  • Service Launch – Implementation of internal marketing for content moderation and engagement programs to enhance team cohesion.
  • In Production – Ongoing HR support, ISO 45003 training, and mental health champion training to build a robust support system.
  • Reporting and Review – Monthly wellbeing measurements, content moderation impact assessments, and quarterly business reviews to gauge the effectiveness and direct future strategies.

For Content Moderation Support Teams

Empowering Support Structures: Building the Backbone of Trust & Safety

  • Recruitment – Expert consultancy to help you hire the right talent with the resilience to handle content moderation.
  • Onboarding – Tailored induction programs and access to self-serve content to equip support teams with the necessary tools and knowledge.
  • Leadership Program – Training and therapy for mental health champions, fostering leadership that prioritizes wellbeing.
  • In Production – Protocols and HR support to manage and escalate issues effectively, ensuring the moderation team’s wellbeing.
  • Tenured – Comprehensive therapy and group interventions for long-serving team members to maintain high performance and job satisfaction.

For Content Moderators

Ensuring Every Moderator’s Wellbeing: A Path of Continuous Support

  • Onboarding – Custom mental health inductions and specialized Trust & Saftey self-serve content to prepare new hires for their role.
  • New Hires – Essential check-ins and group interventions to ensure new moderators are supported from day one.
  • In Production – Ongoing individual therapy and group support, coupled with workflow orientation training for operational excellence.
  • Tenured – Continuous support for experienced Content Moderators with advanced therapy sessions and group interventions.
  • Critical Incident Training – Critical incident training offers swift support for content moderators facing high-stress situations, with interventions that address immediate stress and promote recovery and resilience.
  • Offboarding – Structured offboarding support with therapy sessions to ensure a smooth transition out of the Content Moderator role.

Organizational Impact

“We shortlisted and ultimately engaged Zevo Health after a lengthy search for a leading employee health and wellness program for our moderation staff. Their commitment and attention to the wellbeing of our employees and the qualifications of their team of experts in the field are exceptional. We couldn’t be happier with the partnership.”

“We have been working with Zevo for the past 2.5 years and we have been very happy with the wellness service provided to our employees. In that time Zevo has worked closely with me and my team to make sure we feel supported and listened to. Zevo has been open to feedback and also has provided me and my leadership team with invaluable insights from the group sessions which have allowed us to further support our employees in real-time. We would have no hesitation in recommending the team at Zevo.”

“Zevo has provided the backbone of counselling support to our Trust & Safety Operations team during this time as well as providing wider wellness talks for the entire team. The sessions for Trust & Safety – both group and individual – have been consistently supportive and productive. Team members look forward to the time they have with Zevo counsellors and, most importantly, this motivates the team to prioritize their wellbeing.”

Impact on Content Moderators


Reduction in Occupational Burnout


Reduction in Anxiety Symptoms


Reduction in Trauma Symptoms

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