Privacy Policy

Our software is designed in a way that makes it impossible to run reports with any personal data. Our app will only report health data using pseudonyms. The personal data will not be visible to HR. Users can withdraw their consent and delete their personal data at any time. Zevo Health is compliant with the GDPR regulations.

Our data is stored in a secure location and encrypted where needed. Employees and employers can place their trust in our app.

Privacy policy

At Zevo Health, we take privacy seriously. We collect both personal data and non-personal data. Our platform analyses health data. You are not obliged to participate or use our app.

Personal data

We will use your personal data (name, email address, profile picture) to contact you in relation to your employers’ workplace wellness programme. Your personal data will not also be used to report and share your achievements.

Health data

Your health data (movement, weight, length, age, activity) will only be gathered using a random identifier. This enables you to see your history. Your health data will not be stored together with your personal data. Health reports for your employer will not contain personal data.

If you give us consent to process your data, and to pass it on to your employer, please tick to confirm. You can withdraw your consent at any time in settings. Deleting your account will also delete your personal data and automatically withdraw your consent.