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Zevo Accreditation Program (ZAP)

The Zevo Accreditation Program is a continuing professional development certification for mental health professionals currently working in or seeking to work in the Trust and Safety industry.

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Why ZAP is needed

Content Moderators and the broader Trust & Safety teams are frequently exposed to harmful content, putting them at high risk of psychological distress, including vicarious trauma, burnout, depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. Their roles often involve viewing egregious material such as child sexual abuse imagery, acts of terrorism, hate speech, and nudity, which can have severe mental health impacts.

To safeguard these employees, platforms must provide robust psychological support. The Zevo Accreditation Program (ZAP) addresses this need by equipping mental health professionals with the skills to offer effective support. Through ZAP, professionals learn best practice, evidence-based interventions tailored to the unique challenges of Trust & Safety roles, ensuring the psychological health and safety of these critical teams.

CPD Approval

The Zevo Accreditation Program (ZAP) is proudly approved by the CPD Group, a globally recognized accreditation body for Continuing Professional Development. This stamp of approval ensures that our program meets the highest standards of professional education, providing trusted and validated training for mental health professionals in the Trust and Safety industry.

The ZAP Difference

The Zevo Accreditation Program educates and trains mental health professionals to provide psychological support services to Content Moderators and their Trust & Safety support teams. Developed by psychologists with extensive industry experience, ZAP ensures that moderation teams receive best practice, evidence-based therapeutic interventions to mitigate and manage the risk of psychological harm.

The certifications cover four key elements that distinguish Trust & Safety work from other mental health fields.


Working with Trust & Safety teams is unlike traditional mental health settings such as hospitals or community centers.


Address nuances in Trust & Safety work, including the role’s enhanced meaning and purpose, exposure to egregious content, need for critical incident intervention, and skills development for consulting with leadership and HR.


Professionals work with individuals exposed to prolonged and repeated egregious content, increasing psychological health and wellbeing impacts over time.

Work Factors

Address various performance requirements and stressors in the role, including diversity of Trust & Safety professionals and other operational challenges.

Meet the Authors

The Zevo Accreditation Program was meticulously developed to provide the best-in-class clinical interventions tailored to the Trust & Safety industry. This program is based on extensive work with customers, researchers, and industry experts to ensure comprehensive coverage of relevant topics.

Dr. Michelle Teo

Clinical Director at Zevo Health

Dr. Pamela Lennon

Senior Psychological Wellbeing Consultant

ZAP Certification

The Zevo Accreditation Program offers two distinct certifications tailored to the experience level of mental health professionals in the Trust & Safety industry:

Wellbeing Specialist Certification

This certification introduces mental health professionals to the world of Trust & Safety. It covers topics such as mental health literacy, non-traditional therapeutic approaches, and methods to minimize vicarious trauma. Ideal for those new to the industry, this certification ensures foundational knowledge and skills.

Lead Wellbeing Specialist Certification

Designed for clinicians with some experience in Trust & Safety, this certification prepares professionals for leadership roles. It includes topics on setting up Critical Incident Management Systems (CIMS) protocols, managing critical incidents, and designing and implementing policies to support employees. This advanced certification equips professionals to manage teams and liaise effectively with business leadership.

Course Details and Structure

Educational Materials
The program includes video and audio training materials, each presented in short, bite-sized modules with specific learning objectives.
Experiential Exercises
Throughout the coursework, experiential exercises are integrated to test your knowledge and understanding, ensuring practical application of the content.
Supplementary Resources
Each course offers a wide selection of additional reading materials and other resources curated from industry experts, academics, and civil society to support the completion and implementation of the subjects covered.

Course Format and Prerequisites


The program is designed to fit into the schedules of working professionals. Each course lasts for 10 weeks and includes both synchronous and asynchronous learning modules. Participants will engage in homework assignments and have ongoing access to course facilitators. Reflective learning pieces are also part of the final exam requirements.


The Zevo Accreditation Program is a continuing professional development course. It is intended for working professionals in the field of mental health to enhance their knowledge and expertise in the provision of clinical psychological services specific to the Trust and Safety industry.

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