21 Day Working From Home Masterclass

Provided by professionals in wellbeing, psychology, fitness and nutrition

Who is the masterclass for?

Zevo Health have introduced a work from home masterclass – specifically designed for people who are working at home due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  

This plan has been designed to ensure employees working from home remain productive, healthy and engaged in their new working environment. It gives employers the reassurance that their employees’ health and wellbeing are being prioritised as they adjust to their new temporary working space.

How does the masterclass work?

The programme and content, designed by our health coaches, who are professionals in wellbeing, psychology, fitness and nutrition has been created in an online space to ensure everyone who is working remotely has access to it. 

This is hosted on our wellbeing app and can be accessed by the user when it suits them best. Each day, there will be something new your employees can access related to efficiently working from home and taking care of themselves while they do it.

Here's a preview of week 1


Why sign up?

Some of the clear benefits of implementing this programme include:

  • The reassurance that your employee’s health and wellbeing are being prioritised while working from home.
  • Ensure your employee’s productivity levels remain high while adjusting to their new working environments.  
  • Increase engagement and morale during this unusual and stressful time for your employees.  
  • Support your employee’s wellbeing through this unsettling time. 
  • Prepare your employees for the adjustment when they return to their regular working space.  

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