Leading the way
in workplace wellbeing

Inspired by people, created by experts


Leading the way
in workplace wellbeing

Inspired by people, created by experts


Wellbeing Audit

We measure wellbeing on an organisational and employee level. This gives us the health & wellbeing baseline metrics and identifies the drivers and risks to wellbeing.

Tailored Programmes

Following the wellbeing audit, our team design a comprehensive, customised, and research-based programme suited to the needs of your organisation and individual employees.

Wellbeing 360

Supporting employee’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing with our all-in-one digital wellbeing solution.



“Bringing a wealth of experience to the table, Zevo has gone above and beyond our expectations in designing a creative and tailored wellness solution. I have no hesitation in recommending Zevo as a trusted wellness partner for any organisation.”

CPL Head Office



of CPL employees stated that the Zevo Health app motivated them to become more active.



more CPL employees are participating in wellness challenges using the Zevo Health app

Who We Work With

Who We Work With

How We Do It


We take your pulse

Every organisation is different and every employee in that organisation has their own individual wellbeing needs. That’s why we don’t provide an off-the shelf solution when we begin your wellbeing journey.

We measure your organisation’s health & wellbeing baseline metrics, identify the drivers and risks to wellbeing and develop a suitable wellbeing strategy to meet your goals.

Our team facilitate the measurement of the organisation’s wellbeing baseline with our wellbeing audit conducted through the Zevo Health app and managed in the back end of the platform.

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We develop a tailored programme

An in-depth wellbeing audit of your organisation and collection of employee feedback allows us to drive better decisions in designing a strategy that works for your company.

Following the research phase, our team of health experts develop a comprehensive, customised, and research-based wellbeing programme to implement seamlessly into the culture of your organisation.

Our professional services including one-to-one counselling, psychotherapy, coaching in exercise/nutrition and more are just some of the areas that can be covered in a wellbeing programme.

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We engage your employees

Our leading-edge technology, Wellbeing 360, builds effective and lasting healthy habits for employees. It was designed to keep motivation alive, drive engagement and encourage productivity.

Wellbeing 360 helps employees take control of their own health and wellbeing by encouraging small steps that lead to healthy habits through activities like Zevo Challenges to make health and fitness fun, Zevo Academy masterclasses to educate you on various wellbeing topics and Zevo Therapy which allows employees to reach our fantastic international team of counsellors in just a few short and easy steps.

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We review and evolve

Wellbeing is a tricky character. Like the people it incorporates, it is always changing, developing and evolving.

To achieve a standard of wellbeing in an organisation that is successful, we believe it needs to grow and adapt to change. Change can come from any direction, whether it is internal or external.

Our technology and expertise gives us the unique position to use data and research to ensure that organisations are continuously developing, and that wellbeing is always at its heart.

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We adapt to change

Part of being a provider of workplace wellbeing solutions is adapting to the the changing environment around us.

There was no bigger change to how we work than the global pandemic that Covid-19 brought us. In such a reactive time, we were able to be proactive and help organisations maintain their greatly needed wellbeing programmes in this time.

As the pandemic made some permanent shifts in how we work and where we work, our remote working resources have become a large part of who we are and how approach wellbeing strategies. They were designed to help keep your employees engaged, productive and healthy at home during COVID-19 disruptions

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Why We Exist


Build a culture in your organisation that respects and engages in successful workplace wellbeing programmes.


A healthier employee is a more productive and successful employee, resulting in a more engaged and positive outcome-driven environment.


A thriving employee is driven and ambitious, resulting in a more pleasant experience and thus desire to stay with your organisation.


When the heart of your company (your employees) are healthy, then so is the cost that comes with healthcare.


When wellbeing is the norm in an organisation, it provides employees support with life, feelings, self-worth and purpose.

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