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Clinical Wellbeing Solutions
for Your Trust & Safety Team

With you every step of the way – From individual support to organizational resilience

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For Organizations

Strategic Wellbeing Integration: An End-to-End Approach to Organizational Health

  • Customer Onboarding – Recruitment consultancy, psychological risk assessments and wellbeing audits to integrate mental health support into your organization’s fabric.
  • Service Launch – Implementation of internal marketing for content moderation and engagement programs to enhance team cohesion.
  • In Production – Ongoing HR support, ISO 45003 training, and mental health champion training to build a robust support system.
  • Reporting and Review – Monthly wellbeing measurements, content moderation impact assessments, and quarterly business reviews to gauge the effectiveness and direct future strategies.
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For Content Moderation Support Teams

Empowering Support Structures: Building the Backbone of Trust & Safety

  • Recruitment – Expert consultancy to help you hire the right talent with the resilience to handle content moderation.
  • Onboarding – Tailored induction programs and access to self-serve content to equip support teams with the necessary tools and knowledge.
  • Leadership Program – Training and therapy for mental health champions, fostering leadership that prioritizes wellbeing.
  • In Production – Protocols and HR support to manage and escalate issues effectively, ensuring the moderation team’s wellbeing.
  • Tenured – Comprehensive therapy and group interventions for long-serving team members to maintain high performance and job satisfaction.
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For Content Moderators

Ensuring Every Moderator’s Wellbeing: A Path of Continuous Support

  • Onboarding – Custom mental health inductions and specialized Trust & Saftey self-serve content to prepare new hires for their role.
  • New Hires – Essential check-ins and group interventions to ensure new moderators are supported from day one.
  • In Production – Ongoing individual therapy and group support, coupled with workflow orientation training for operational excellence.
  • Tenured – Continuous support for experienced Content Moderators with advanced therapy sessions and group interventions.
  • Critical Incident Training – Critical incident training offers swift support for content moderators facing high-stress situations, with interventions that address immediate stress and promote recovery and resilience.
  • Offboarding – Structured offboarding support with therapy sessions to ensure a smooth transition out of the Content Moderator role.
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