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Join the Zevo Health Community and battle it out company vs company to win the title of The Fittest Workplace

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The Fittest Workplace Challenge

Zevo Health aim to transform organisations around the world in helping them improve the wellbeing of their employees. The Fittest Workplace Challenge pushes companies to measure up against themselves and ensure they are not just improving the health and wellbeing of their employees, but also boosting the level of engagement, team morale and productivity.

Our upcoming inter-company challenge is easy and fun to take part in. The challenge encourages participants to get moving and improve on their physical activity.

Registration Dates: February 3rd – March 25th
Challenge Duration: April 15th – April 29th
Winner Announced: May 1st at our National Wellbeing Day Event

Winner will also feature in a full page spread in the Irish Independent

How it works

Intercompany challenge how it works
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Why join our challenges?



The inter-company challenges are designed in order to engage all employees within a company. The challenges allow employees to work together and provide encouragement to one another. This keeps everyone motivated on the right path.

Our company challenges are suitable for everyone, no matter the individual’s age or fitness ability.



Your employees can access the challenges and take part no matter where they are located and what device they are using.

With remote workers are on the rise, it can be difficult to keep them engaged with their fellow employees. Our challenges are ideal for helping them engage with employees that they may not interact with on a daily basis.



We pride ourselves on our team of psychologists, nutritional and performance experts. Our team are available to provide tips and advice to any individuals taking part in the challenge.

Our mobile application will help you along your journey in improving your wellness knowledge. It gives you access to courses ranging from mindfulness to nutrition & exercise.

The winner will also feature in a full page spread in the Irish Independent

Irish Independent Zevo Health
Fittest Workplace

Want to take part and receive the title of The Fittest Workplace in 2020?

Hear from companies who have already signed up

"At Cornmarket, we want to enhance the employee experience by creating a workplace where employees are supported to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. The Fittest Workplace Challenge represents a fantastic opportunity for our staff to get involved in an initiative which will promote physical fitness & wellbeing in a safe, fun & competitive scenario."


"We are taking place in order to promote health and wellbeing in our workplace and get our team moving more. Strata3 employees love a challenge and love to compete!"


"Codec see the Fittest Workplace Challenge as an amazing initiative to incorporate into our extensive wellness programme. It shows how our people work together as a team which is the foundation of how we work. It’s also an opportunity to show everybody how competitive we are and how we Codexercise."


A sample of the companies that make up the Zevo Health community.

Awards ceremony takes place at our Wellbeing Day 2020 event

Join like-minded professionals in companies of all sizes and in a wide variety of  industries at our free event on May 1st. You can register your interest in attending here.


How many employees can join a team?

There is a maximum of 20 employees that can join a team.

How many teams per company can take part in the challenge?

There is no limit to the amount of teams per company currently.

Will my company's data be protected?

You can find all details related to how your data is completely protected in our app privacy policy.

Can I use other workouts in this challenge to contribute to points?

For this challenge, steps taken is the activity that contributes to points. We will however be allowing other workouts to contribute to points in future intercompany challenges.

How long will our employees get access to the Zevo Health app?

All participants will have access to the app for one month. One week before the challenge, two weeks of the challenge and one week after to utilise and enjoy additional health and wellbeing features on the app including:

  • Resilience backed mental and physical health programmes
  • Build wellness rituals, faster
  • Make wellness more enjoyable
  • Course Library
  • Large meditation library
  • Educational content Move, Nourish, Self Awareness
  • Peer support from the community
  • Social features
  • Individual and Team Challenges
  • Scientifically driven, research backed

How can I feature in the Irish Independent?

The winning company will feature in a full page spread of the Irish Independent.

Leading up to the challenge all participating company names and logos feature in a half page spread on February 20th and March 19th , 2020.

How much does it cost to have my company take part?

Pricing is dependent on the number of teams and employees that you are looking to have take part. Our team will go throw this in the initial call when you sign up.

Want to take part and receive the title of The Fittest Workplace in 2020?