Working From Home Toolkit

Resources to help keep your employees engaged, productive and
healthy at home during COVID-19 disruptions






Tips On Working From Home While Taking Care Of Your Children

In the whirlwind of recent change, we are all trying to settle into this new reality. Here are some tips to build a positive atmosphere with your family while working at home.

Working From Home: Tips To Maximise Productivity

Due to the COVID-19 global outbreak many of us working at home. Here are some steps to help you remain productive while working at home.

Acknowledging Our Mental Health During The Coronavirus Outbreak

It is almost impossible not to be affected in some way by COVID-19. Anxiety and fear during this uncertain time can be overwhelming. Everyone reacts differently during stressful situations.

Natural Ways to Boost Your Immunity

We look at how we nourish ourselves to ensure our bodies and minds are ready for this understandably trying time. This blog explains natural ways in which you can help boost your immunity.


End of Day Reflections

Self-Compassion Break

Switching Off From Work


A Guide To Working From Home


Rituals For Switching Off

A quick guide to switching off mentally, emotionally and technologically

5 Minute Journal

An easy exercise to reflect on your day after work

Self-Care Plan

A four-point plan to identify your self-care needs

Desk Stretches

Easy stretches to perform at your desk