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Mental Health


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Despite the subject of gender identity becoming more nuanced and complex than ever before, we also have a greater understanding of the immense physiological differences between men and women. It is therefore important, if not essential, for us to recognise the profound influence that sex hormones exert over general health and psychological wellbeing, as this empowers individuals to be more aware of risks and vulnerabilities linked to their hormonal profile, and in turn put buffers in place to reduce the likelihood of serious illness, and improve longevity.

Beyond andrology, we also acknowledge other reasons for lower life expectancy and higher incidence of certain health conditions in men. We explore prevalent health trends across various stages of the life cycle are linked to lifestyle behaviours associated with male norms and masculinity – while also remaining sensitive to diverse and unique individual experiences.


  • Understand hormonal influences on health and wellbeing
  • Important preventative health considerations for men (lifestyle choices and screening)
  • Acknowledge the impact of personal identity on health outcomes

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From health screening guidelines to sign-posting mental health supports – this brief but comprehensive training highlights important information to enhance longevity and life quality for men.

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