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Environmental Health


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In recent decades the extent of the therapeutic effect of nature on both body and mind is increasingly recognised and appreciated. Scientists can now quantify with greater accuracy than ever before, the impact of time spent outdoors on all our bodily systems – from hormonal regulation, nerve function and immunity. On a mental and emotional level, even brief acute bouts of exposure to natural environments can elicit significant improvements in mood, cognitive performance and self-confidence.

The combination of physical and psychological benefits makes nature a powerful ally in managing stress and restoring balance amid turbulent and challenging times.


  • Identify the health benefits of exposure to natural environments
  • Learn about Blue Mind Theory
  • Explore Forest Bathing and the practice of Shinrin Yoku
  • Discover the emergence and application of Biophilic Design principles
  • Explore ways to incorporate more time in nature into our busy modern lives

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In this session we will explore some of the emerging research on many diverse applications of nature to support wellbeing – from Blue and Green Exercise, Forest Bathing and Biophilic Design principles to name but a few.

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Allianz - Zevo Health

“Thanks Zevo Health for joining our wellbeing session today. We got to hear about some interesting new nutrition research of brain health and nutritional neuro-science and how our food choices can impact our mental health and performance.”


siemens testimonial

“Not that I’m on all the webinars by any stretch but that was one of the best in the 12 years I’ve been here.”


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