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Mental Health


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1 hour


This training provides attendees with the skillset to adapt and cope well with change and all of life’s inevitable challenges. Resilience is not only important in times of crisis, it is intrinsic in managing the changes that are a part of everyday life and business, which require continuous adjustment and adaptation. The key to any successful change is focusing on individual employee needs and building their resources . As we return to office and hybrid working, this brings a new set of challenges for both employees and managers to effectively transition to a new working environment.

This training can also be used generally in the context of any organisational or personal changes and it is designed to promote resilience, problem-solving capabilities and psychological techniques to best adapt to change, embrace a more flexible way of living and for many, adapt to a new working and work relationship environment.


  • Learn resilience, CBT & ACT skills to promote greater psychological flexibility in the face of change and transition.
  • Develop skills to adapt to new working structures and relating to colleagues.
  • Increase awareness of the stress respones to change, and explore effective evidence-based coping strategies.

Suitable for

Any member or organisation keen to understand how change can affect us and how we can learn to adapt and overcome the negative impact of change.

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“One of the best courses I have done this year. Really enjoyed it and experiencing it virtually did not take away from the content at all.”


danone testimonial

“That was a really good training, thanks for organising. Nollaig was definitely one of the best presenters we have had!”


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