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Dr. Pamela Lennon

Dr. Pamela Lennon

Senior Wellbeing Consultant at Zevo Health


Zevo Health

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Pam has a Doctorate in Health Psychology from the University of the West of England, a Masters from the University of Ulster and Psychology Graduate Degree from Dublin Business School.

Dr Pamela Lennon is a Senior Wellbeing Consultant at Zevo Health. Her work focuses on research, intervention design and consultancy aimed at promoting organisational wellbeing and mental health at work. She specialises in Health Psychology, MBSR and CBT and has a particular interest in mind/body therapy, psychoneuroimmunology, the energy model of health and quantum physics. In her spare time, Pam has a go at ‘trying’ to make healthy food taste good experimenting with new recipes, has a great love of all animals (particularly pandas, sloths and cats), enjoys live music, playing a few ‘jingles’ on guitar, comedy & travel shows, sci-fi/fantasy (especially Denis Villeneuve & Christoper Nolan films), people watching and reading about life’s adventures in autobiographies.