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Challenge Your Workforce

Make getting fit and healthy fun with our employee wellbeing challenges

Introducing the Zevo Health app

Challenges at your fingertips

Engagement, motivation and positive energy can be hard to keep alive at the best of times.

As many of us continue to work from home, we want to support organisations in boosting employee morale and bringing them closer together through personal, company-wide and even inter-company challenges.

Hosted through our Zevo Health technology, we keep your employees connected and engaged while promoting positive wellbeing no matter where in the world they are.

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Personal challenges

The activity challenge is designed to bring individuals together to reach a common goal but can also allow individuals to reach their own personal wellbeing goals. With full access to the Zevo Health app, users can access our masterclasses, meditations and healthy recipes, allowing individuals to create their own personal wellbeing challenges.  

Company-wide challenges

Company–wide challenges are designed to bring an organisation together to reach one common goal. With many employees continuing to work remotely, it can be difficult to keep them engaged with their fellow employees. These activity challenges are ideal for boosting team morale and engagement within an organisation.

Intercompany challenges

Our intercompany challenge – The Fittest Workplace pushes companies to measure up against themselves to ensure they are not just improving the health and wellbeing of their employees but also creating fantastic engagement and keeping spirits high within organisations.

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Why bring wellbeing challenges into your company?

Behaviour Change

A common struggle for many organisations is figuring out how best to engage and encourage employees to take part in wellbeing programmes.

Our challenges aim to help bring employees together and through our app, promote positive wellbeing and encourage behaviour change in physical and mental health.

Individual Impact

Our activity challenges not only bring individuals together to push themselves to reach a common goal, but also encourages individuals to create personal goals. The challenges can have a positive impact on an organisation but also for everyone that participates. Users gain full access to the Zevo Heath app which allow them to explore our many features at an individual level.

They can understand more about their own physical and mental health through our Wellbeing Score. They can set themselves individual goals to improve wellbeing, develop their knowledge through our masterclasses and access daily meditations and healthy, nutritional recipes. 


Whilst each individual is different, the coming together of these individuals in a community setting is a vitally important driver of individual wellbeing. 

The activity challenges are designed to bring employees together to create a sense of community and a space where people can lean on each other for support. With many employees continuing to work remotely, feeling disconnected from your work environment has never been so prominent. Our activity challenges bridge the gap of being disconnected and allows employees to feel part of a community, which in turn enhances engagement within an organisation.  


At Zevo Health, we like to have some fun when it comes to wellbeing and our activity challenges are designed to do just that. The app allows employees to see where their team and company are placed on the shared leader boards. 

The app also allows teams to share photos and experienceswhich sprinkles some fun into the activity challenge. We will also keep enjoyment and motivation high with some fun prizes to be won throughout the challenge including best team name and photo. 

Hear from global leaders who have taken part in Zevo Health hosted challenges

Trayc Keevans
Global FDI Director, Morgan McKinley

Siobhain Gantly
Chief Human Resources Officer, Vistatec

Paul Bailey
Head of Communications, Irish League of Credit Unions Journey

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