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Employee Assistance Programme - Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

Give your employees immediate access to support their health and wellbeing through a confidential, digital-first and expert-led platform. Our digital therapy solution is designed to support an individual’s overall health and wellbeing including stress, depression, anxiety, addictions, grief and loss, along with many other areas.

Employee Assistance Programme - Stress

Work-Related Stress

Work-related stress is becoming more and more prominent, especially as we all navigate through COVID-19. Our digital therapy solution provides employees with support in areas such as job stress, conflict at work, job burnout, relationship issues, work/life balance, along with many other areas.

Employee Assistance Programme - Finance & Legal

Finance & Legal

We make it important to provide employees with support in every aspect of wellbeing, including finance and legal. Budgeting, financial worries, reducing debt and legal matters can all have a negative effect on an employee’s wellbeing, so our team are here to support them through these difficulties.

Comprehensive, confidential, and professional support 24/7

Give your employees immediate support and access to a range of counsellors who specialise in psychology and wellbeing. A modern and leading-edge technology approach to EAP support available 24/7, no matter the employee’s location. A counsellor will be available to support your employees though common workplace stressors including depression, anxiety, addictions, grief and loss, along with many other areas.

Employee Assistance Programme Information

Multiple Counseling Modalities

Employees can gain instant access to our counsellors through live chat and video. With just a few easy steps in the Zevo Health app, employees can organise a 1:1 session with a counsellor through a confidential and secure platform, no matter their location.


Live Chat

Much more than your traditional EAP

EAP - 1 to 1s

1:1 video sessions with counsellors

Our compassionate team of experts are accessible through online counselling services that can be accessed no matter your location and in only a few easy steps through the Zevo Health app. Your employees can feel safe and confident that help is literally at their fingertips.

EAP - Customisable Experience

24/7 On-Demand Zevo Academy

Our platform gives full 24/7 on-demand access to a library of virtual webinars, masterclasses and meditations to explore. All of which are hosted by leading experts in the field of wellbeing and designed to ensure every attendee takes something valuable away from it.


Being a global provider of mental healthcare, it is important to us that our 1:1 sessions are available to a large amount of employees around the world and through a large variety of languages. This allows our EAP to fit into your company’s current culture seamlessly and support a diverse workforce.

Individual Impact

Digital therapy allows employees to fully customise and personalise their own wellbeing journey. Wellbeing looks different to every individual, and we want to ensure every user benefits and gains practical tools that they can implement into their lives.

EAP - Event Booking

Event booking and management

We make it so easy for employees to manage their bookings and appointments. From picking your preferred date and time for a counselling session or just booking in to attend a training or workshop. This is all done through our user-friendly app.

Developed in partnership with Dr Kimberly Fitzgerald

Dr Kimberly Fitzgerald is a Chartered psychologist (UK & Ireland) with over 30 years of diverse experience in psychological services and Employee Assistance (USA, Germany, Ireland). She specialises in women’s health, Executive Coaching, and rehabilitation, organisational and occupational health psychology. Her Phd research thesis looked occupational and organisational health psychology with a focus on gender-specific health considerations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an employee assistance programme?

An employee assistance programme (EAP) is a work-based support service for employees and the organisation. This service is confidential and is designed to support employees’ overall health and wellbeing including stress, depression, anxiety, addictions, grief and loss, along with many other areas. These issues may arise from personal or work-related issues, affecting your home life or job performance.

Why are employee assistance programs important?

EAPs are important for many reasons, including supporting employee’s mental health, reducing absenteeism levels and improving employee productivity. EAP’s also provide support to employees who may be going through a difficult time, either inside or outside the workplace. EAP’s are also put in place to reduce worker’s compensation claims, health care costs, accidents and grievances.

What are examples of employee assistance programs?

Most EAPs will provide employees access to mental health professionals. Employees can discuss with these professionals any personal problems they may be experiencing that could interfere with their work. 

For example, an EAP might help and support employees to resolve problems such as alcohol abuse, anxiety, emotional distress, depression, family relationship concerns or financial difficulties. 

EAP’s are always confidential, allowing the employee to feel comfortable in sharing their issues with a healthcare professional.

What are the main aims of employee assistance Programmes?

An EAP is designed to provide support in a variety of different areas including, conflicts in the workplace, legal and family advice, financial difficulties and grief counselling. 

Another area that EAP’s aim to support employees in is mental health. Many employees struggle with mental health challenges, such as anxiety, depression or anger management. An employee may not have the correct tools in place to support themselves or a colleague who is experiencing mental health issues.

EAP aims to connect employees with the right resources in order to support that individual or someone they know to overcome their mental health challenges.

How do employee assistance programmes help everyday wellbeing?

The everyday support that an EAP provides; for example, mental health support or financial information, reassures employees that there is always immediate access to a range of counsellors when needed.

Employees are an organisation’s largest asset and the best way to protect that asset is ensuring that employees are happy and healthy. Employees who are happy and healthy at work are more productive, engaged and invested in creating a strong company culture. 

An EAP fosters a better work environment, which in turn boosts the overall wellbeing of its employees.  

Give your employees immediate support and access to a range of counsellors who specialise in psychology and wellbeing.