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Exploring how to support those in crisis and provide individuals with the tools to recognise mental health in the workplace.

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Our Mental Health & Wellbeing Framework

Mental health is now recognised as a significant contributory factor in long term absenteeism.  

Zevo Health has a tried and tested Mental Health & Wellbeing Framework covering all aspects of the continuum, optimising the use of research driven techniques to drive good health outcomes and value for our clients.  

One of our strong points is that our mental health solutions are work focused – we keep the client in mind when developing our initiatives and workshops, so that the themes are relevant to the workplace and provide toolkits that support both the organisation and the individuals alike.  

Zevo Health’s key differentiator from our competitors is the passion and outlook which drives our solutions. We are wholeheartedly committed to improving an organisation’s mental health & wellbeing and as such we understand the key processes required for this change to come to fruition:  

We have a range of other workshops that may suit your needs too so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you do not see one for you here. 

Featured Training

Mental Health Champion Training

Mental Health Workplace Champion training will equip you with the knowledge of a range of mental health illnesses, enabling the recognition of common signs and symptoms either during a mental health crisis or during the development of a mental health illness. This training is not intended to replace the input of a medically trained practitioner but to encourage awareness of mental health within the workplace as well as identifying appropriate and timely interventions to support colleagues experiencing distress.


Popular Trainings/Workshops

Working with Emotions

  • Understand the purpose and value of emotions
  • Attributes of Emotional Intelligence
  • Expand emotional vocabulary to more accurately label emotions

Finding Your Calm - Managing Stress Reactivity

This training provides clients with effective coping strategies and skills that can help to rebalance that equation, assisting individuals to step back and take control of the controllables.

Resilience Training

  • Provides attendees with the tools for coping from setbacks in life.  
  • How to build resilience for positive mental health.
  • How to provide resilience among your team in work.  

Discovering Self-Care Fundamentals

  • This training invites attendees to take an opportunity to reflect on their current circumstances and identify dimensions of self-care that require most urgent attention.
  • Consider current position on the health spectrum

Coping with Social Anxiety

  • Learn to identify key signs of social anxiety
  • Explore techniques to reconnect socially such as graded exposure
  • Rebuild crucial social skills

Return to Office - Managing your Needs

  • This training aims to support employees to navigate the ups and downs fo returning back to the office.
  • It highlights skills that can help manage the mental, emotional and practical issues that can arise, and guides them how to best utilise the management support available to them during the process.

Sleep & Recovery Workshop

  • Learn the many health benefits of good quality sleep
  • Discover how much sleep we require and the consequences of sleep deprivation – Learn about sleep cycles and stages of sleep

Meaningful Disconnection

This training will give clients the resources to cope with the struggles that arise from not being able to switch off, a space to create and cultivate disconnection that provides emotional nourishment.

Parenting & Self-Care

This training provides a precious timeout for parents to reflect and consider some small changes that they can begin to implement to meet their own needs, as well as those of their loved ones.

Mental Health Toolkit

  • The Mental Health Toolkit aims to help participants to recognise signs and symptoms of struggle and imbalance, and support them with an array of effective techniques to self-regulate.
  • Learn techniques and skills to take control of their mental health.

Energy Management

  • This introductory training covers a variety of healthy energy management strategies to support wellbeing in high-demand work environments. 
  • Understand energy, metabolism and natural bio-rhythms of the body.
  • Discover natural energising practices to boost vitality

Building Your Natural Immunity Workshop

  • This training explores several main aspects of immune function and explores natural ways to optimise the system to protect against the onset of serious illnesses.
  • Understand the basic physiology of the immune system
  • Learn to recognise signs and symptoms of compromised/ weak immunity

Habitual Weight Loss Workshop

  • In this training on habitual weight management, we address multi-dimensional factors that influence eating behaviour and food choices.
  • Learn about the value and limitations of body composition measurement.

Rethinking Self-Image

  • Research has shown us that body image dissatisfaction may lead to lower self-esteem, health concerns and engagement in unhealthy weight control practices.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of their ‘why’ and how that interacts with their image of self.


Flourishing After Challenging Times

  • This training looks at some positive psychology techniques to help promote wellbeing.
  • Learn about positive psychology and research supported techniques to promote psychological wellbeing.

Exploring Men’s Health

  • Explore emotions that often hold negative connotations for men
  • Understand challenges surrounding connection, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable.
  • Look at how to build allyship with those around us.

Metabolic Health Profile

  • This session provides insights about various parameters of metabolic function and the advantages of amending imbalances early.
  • Understand what ‘metabolic health’ means, and the lifestyle factors that influence it.
  • Receive an overview of how to determine personal metabolic health status and flag any signs of imbalance.

Building Strong Bones At Home

  • Discover why bone health is so important, particularly as we age
  • Learn the basic physiology of bone and its impact on various systems of the body
  • Explore ways to support bone building and preservation

Wellbeing and Tech Use in a Digital Era

  • Understand the potentially impact of excessive technology use on health and wellbeing
  • Discuss the effects of living in a culture that is ‘Always On’
  • Identify early indicators of imbalance, which can lead to signs and symptoms of burnout.

Shitfworker Wellbeing Series

  • This two-part shift worker wellbeing series aims to equip employees with information and effective strategies to buffer against the negative health effects of this working schedule.
  • Discuss obstacles and solutions to including more exercise on a shift work schedule.

Women's Mental Health

  • Explore the concept of emotional labour and the role of caretaker
  • Discuss ways to cultivate feminine energy and self-empowerment
  • Enjoy an engaging exploration of the challenges and opportunities for women today

Hear from Past Participants of our Programmes

“Zevo Mental Health Champion training was in-depth & enlightening, providing the tools to deal with issues, how to support staff and the importance of self-care. A must for all managers”


“The training gave me a better understanding of different kinds of mental health issues, some of which I was not aware of. The role playing gave me a better insight on how to potentially deal with an issue if it arose”


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a consultation with Zevo Health?

A consultation can be booked through messaging our website, sending us an email to, or calling on +353 1 903 8279  

Is the training suitable for all my employees?

Yes. We pride ourselves on delivering highly engaging content that is adapted and suitable for any group that we are working with. Each employee and each sector have different needs. We recommend the most suitable training for your organisation, based on your employee’s needs

Where does Zevo Health deliver their trainings?

Zevo Health delivers faceto-face trainings on your site or at the location of your choice and, we deliver them virtually, allowing your employees from any location to take part in the training 

How many people can attend a Zevo Health training?

The number of participants in a training depends on the learning outcomes of the training, the budget, and the time constraints of the business. 

Why choose Mental Health training for your team or organization?

Our mental health sessions are unique; they are developed from the ground up, aiming to address the unique challenges in the workplace and the dynamic environment your employees work in. Forget cut and paste, passionless delivery; our wellbeing specialists are guided by our research team and given the autonomy to deliver impactful training. Developed with industry professionals, backed with up-to-date research and delivered with behavior change techniques, our mental health sessions will drive change in organisations. 

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We have a range of other workshops that may suite your needs too so don't hesitate to ask if you do not see one for you here