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Ocuco Case Study

Supporting Ocuco's commitment to wellbeing

About Ocuco

Ocuco is an Irish owned software company. They specialize in the optics industry and provide software for optical labs and software solutions to allow opticians to run their practice.  

Since the creation of Ocuco, they pride themselves on developing their own product and using their own engineers to install their software into optician practitioners around the world. Their software is designed to be highly customizable for their customers allowing them to access many different business features on it such as appointment scheduling, account management, and imagery storage.  

Ocuco continues to be a leader in its industry by constantly creating and improving its software and hiring a diverse team who have different skillsets to broaden the capabilities of their product.

Location: 15 offices throughout Ireland, Canada, USA, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, China, Sweden, Norway, and the UK.
Employees: 300
Industry: Computer Software (Optics)
Representative: We sat down with Eve StatkuteHR Administrator


Workplace Mental Health

“…but we saw a clear gap in providing wellbeing support throughout our organisation”

Before Ocuco partnered up with Zevo Health as their wellbeing partner, they sat down and had a conversation around wellbeing. They have always provided their staff with training but as Eve put it – but we saw a clear gap in providing wellbeing support throughout our organisation”.  

Ocuco was very aware that looking after their employee’s mental health was just as important as looking after their physical health. A challenge they faced was not having the correct and sufficient wellbeing support in place for their employees. They were unaware of the broad range of initiatives that they could introduce into their organisation. 

This is when Zevo was introduced to Ocuco and we were able to show this potential

Solutions Provided

A large part of creating a workplace wellbeing programme is evaluating where the company are at with our in-depth wellbeing audit where we can take an accurate measurement of the organisation’s wellbeing baseline through the Zevo Health app. In Ocuco’s case, this allowed us to provide solutions to some of their biggest wellbeing challenges.

Time Restriction

From the initial meetings with Ocuco, we presented a full wellbeing programme to their management team to ensure that we cover every aspect of wellbeing for their employees. In doing this, Ocuco felt secure in partnering with us for their wellbeing provider as they “were not aware of how much they could provide to their staff and were blown away with Zevo’s level of expertise in the area of wellbeing”.

As Ocuco is a very busy organisation, they were hesitant and concerned that they would not have enough time dedicated to implementing and pushing the programme out to their employees. We supported them with this obstacle by providing communications to their staff through our workplace wellbeing app and tailored branded monthly newsletters.

Engagement of Employees

Ocuco was faced with the challenge of engaging and gaining by in of the wellbeing programme from their employees. To overcome this challenge, we provided fitness challenges that were hosted on our wellbeing app that was designed to encourage engagement throughout the organisation. Ocuco continues to roll out these challenges on our app as they have greatly improved engagement throughout their workforce since introducing employees to the app.

Full Wellbeing Support

Ocuco was also facing the obstacle of ensuring they provided both mental and physical support for their workforce. Like the trainings they were providing to their employees on such things like presentation and management skills, they wanted to give their employees access to training in both mental and physical health.

With that challenge in mind, we developed a tailored wellbeing programme that included webinars and workshops around the topics of nutrition, sleep, and mental health to cover the aspects of workplace wellbeing that were important to them.


Eve made it clear that “there have been many results we have achieved from our wellbeing programme with Zevo Health including improved employee engagement and an increased awareness of mental health throughout the organisation”.

Mental Health Awareness

Since Ocuco’s partnership with Zevo Health, “the conversation around mental health has been more open”. Ocuco were keen to ensure they supported mental health in their organisation and since partnering with us, they have seen how things like our webinars and workshops are being attended and well received. They are thrilled that the facilitates we provide are being utilized among their workforce 

Ocuco’s management staff have taken a keen interest in ensuring that each of their team members has access to these resources and they themselves are more capable in handling sensitive situations regarding mental health. We have provided Ocuco’s management with mental health awareness training which according to Eve – “has given management the confidence to be able to open up the conversation around mental health with their team”. 

zevo health 1:1

"The level of professionalism and expertise that Zevo Health provide is outstanding”

Employee Engagement

Ocuco have been using the Zevo Health Wellbeing App from the very beginning of our partnership which has helped towards the increase of engagement among their employees. Our wellbeing app provides many different support tools to users, one of them being our live chat option to a health coach. Ocuco has thanked us for this availability to their staff as it “allows employees to take the big step in seeking advice and support that they need from a health coach”. Ocuco has expressed to us that having that live chat readily available to their employees “allows them to reach out for support and makes the process of that less stressful”.   

A metric Eve looks to in showing how engaged the workforce are is the number of employees just signing up for webinars and workshops – “We know the wellbeing programme has been effective and makes a positive contribution to our employee’s wellbeing through the number of sign-ups for the webinars and workshops Zevo Health provides”.

To ensure we are always evolving with our clients, Zevo conduct regular audits to ensure their programme is always up to date and solving the workplace wellbeing challenges they are going through.

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