Conscious Living – Overcoming Addiction and Embracing Transformation

In this episode of Zevo Talks, Sarah Keane introduces Brian Pennie, a resilient specialist, neuroscientist, former addict turned doctor, and author. Brian’s mission is to spotlight the brain’s potential and its capacity to transform lives. Sarah and Brian delve into the power of conscious living, emphasizing how it impacted Brian’s journey.

The conversation revolves around addiction’s grasp and the need to dispel its surrounding stigma. By approaching addiction with empathy, Sarah and Brian illuminate its complexities, crucial for aiding recovery.

This podcast will also discuss the following topics;

▶️ Points of Power – Mastering the Controllable: Explore effective strategies for taking charge of the controllable aspects of your life.

▶️ Igniting the Desire for Change: Brian Pennie’s personal journey will inspire you to ignite your own desire for positive transformation.

▶️ Everyday Conscious Living in Unity: Discover practical insights into integrating conscious living practices into your daily routine.

▶️ Breaking the Chains of Addiction Stigma: Gain a deeper understanding of how to shatter the stigma surrounding addiction.


Alcoholics anonymous

HSE Drugs and Alcohol helpline

Drink aware 


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