Exploring workplace wellbeing trends  for 2022

Joining us on this episode of Zevo Talks is Pamela Lennon and Sarah Keane. Pamela is a Psychologist and wellbeing consultant for Zevo health and Sarah Keane is Physical Wellbeing Consultant for Zevo Health.

In this episode, we will consider the challenges and opportunities of the last two years and how it has dramatically changed the landscape of the workplace environment and particularly employee expectations. We will share the emerging themes that are set to take centre stage in 2022 – to help businesses get a head start on creating a more effective employee wellbeing strategy to support the health of their workforce. 


  • Increase in management awareness and sensitivity so employees feel supported
  • An increase in burnout is paralleled by an increase in other mental health issues 
  • Creating an emphasis on well buildings – healthier physical workplaces  

You can listen to the podcast below: