Inside the Role: What It Means to Be a Wellbeing Expert in Content Moderation

In this month’s enlightening episode of Zevo Talks, we are joined by Ann Gleeson, Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, and our host, Dr. Michelle Teo, Clinical Director for Zevo Health to explore what it looks like to be a Wellbeing Expert in the area of Content Moderation. We often talk about the valuable role Content Moderators have in content moderation but can overlook the importance of Wellbeing Specialists in this dynamic industry. The supportive role is crucial to maintaining Content Moderators’ wellbeing. They often take a winding route to get to where they are, a route that can so often give them extra experiences to assist others.


  • Exploring how we all approach different experiences in our way and why this is important
  • Why taking a step back to re-examine the importance of the work can give us a new viewpoint.
  • Often perceived as a hard environment, Ann lets us in on the day-to-day joy and laughter that she has experienced in this industry

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