The Story Behind the Screen: Life as a Content Moderator

We were thrilled to welcome the incredible Alexandra Koptyaeva, Trust and Safety Lead at Heyday. Starting her career as a Content Moderator, Alexandra has ascended to a leadership role, drawing on her rich experience to offer unique insights into mental health support and content moderation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Navigating Cultural Norms in Mental Health Support: Explore how varying cultural backgrounds influence approaches to mental health.
  • The Human Side of Content Moderation: Understand the personal impacts on those who keep our digital spaces safe.
  • Understanding Our Own Capabilities and Adapting to Others: Learn how self-awareness can enhance our interactions and support mechanisms.
  • The Link Between Positive Mental Health and Productivity: Discover how mental wellbeing contributes to organizational success.
  • Balancing Internet Safety and Moderator Protection: Discuss strategies to protect both the integrity of the Internet and the well-being of Content Moderators.