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Free E-Book | Workplace Wellbeing Trends 2024 Annual Report

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Our annual workplace wellbeing trends eBook is a combination of forecasted trends for the year coming and reviewing key wellbeing trends that dominated in the past year. This eBook is created to allow organsiations to prepare for the wellbeing trends emerging to ensure they remain competitive and appealing to future and current employees.

These predictions are based upon input from multiple channels including our workplace wellbeing survey we conducted late last year, current research, publications, feedback from our wellbeing specialists, and direct engagement with our clients.

This eBook will explore the following trends:

  • Employee Health, Wellbeing and Work-Life Quality 2023
  • Absenteeism is on the rise
  • Wellbeing Solutions and Interventions for 2024
  • The majority of employees self-report a high level of health and wellbeing
  • The rise of role-specific interventions
  • Emphasis on building community, connection, and integration

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