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Wellness at Work – Damian Hall

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Damian Helps Busy professionals and Mums become happier healthier versions of themselves, through providing a community based, un-intimidating environment to make a fun, results-based, holistic health, fitness and fat loss experience.

  • Pizza days
  • School night staff drinks
  • Limitless boxes of chocolates and biscuits
  • No water coolers
  • No scope for furthering your personal development or career
  • Asked to work all hours with little or no family time

Without sounding like a know it all, as I’m certainly not.  I put massive emphasis and invest a huge amount in my own and my team’s continuous education and self-development within my business complete personal training.

It seems like if you were to take a step back and take a bird’s eye view, at least some of the list above are generally acceptable and common practices in most workplaces and probably sound pretty familiar.

Now I understand the concept and importance of team morale and all that goes with it however rewarding staff with pizza lunches or mid-week parties and working long hours can contribute to the list below.

  • Sleep deprivation.
  • Brain Fuzz.
  • Inflammation
  • Dehydration
  • Sugar highs and inherent lows.
  • Lack of motivation through no career progression.
  • Limited job satisfaction when feeling undervalued.
  • Not knowing your colleagues on a personal level.
  • Fatigue
  • Burn out
  • Stress

Even one or two of the above will take away from staffs work efficiency, output and productivity, directly correlating with what their worth is to the company.

Small changes like healthy snacks, team building through fun activities inside work hours and inclusive family days are some positive examples of how the reward your employees in a more productive way.

A good basic plan to maximise employee productivity is to implement Tony Robbins basic human needs methodology.

  1. Certainty
  2. Variety
  3. Significance
  4. Love and Connection
  5. Growth
  6. Contribution

Cover these human needs, and it will pay dividends, no question. Something to consider moving forward to get the most from your employees.

This highlights the importance of having a health conscious, clear-headed, laser focussed, super motivated employees. It aids them in having a positive mindset and allows them to feel valued.

You want to avoid an employee who’s struggling with self-worth issues, feeling undervalued, stale, burnt out, stressed and anxious.

The contrasting value they can add to the company, versus the latter, is an oversight by the majority of companies out there.

When it comes down to how the company’s employees are valued and the current wellness plans implemented (or not, as still quite often surprisingly is the case) really does determine, on the whole, the bottom line of the company, in my opinion.

Let me put it to you this way, the employees are the foot soldiers, doing the hard yards in the company. Collectively if they can improve their output and productivity by 5%-10%, what would that mean to the company?  The employee is likely going to get a bonus, the bottom line of the company increases, everyone wins.

I see these issues on a daily basis and so I created “The Complete Corporate Wellness Programme” to get companies on the right track through education and empowerment.

Healthy employees are more often than not happy employees (whether they realise it or not), that is mentally and physically inclusive.

So, how do these basic needs actually break down on the ground level?

As a modern-day employer, you need to care about the following “on the ground” bits and pieces, when it comes to your employees.

Eat – Healthy nutrient dense foods with minimal inflammatory effects
Drink – Drinking enough good quality water to allow their brain to function optimally
Sleep – Getting enough good quality sleep so cell regeneration and recovery occurs fully
Exercise – Having an endorphin-filled, strong, lean, positive employee, through strength and cardiovascular training, is simply a no-brainer and should be promoted from within the company. Possibly mirroring the brand, you would like to portray?
Progression – Are they challenged enough/too much with enough scope to progress within the company.
Motivation – Do they have realistic targets to make their bonuses (if applicable) to drive them forward or just demotivate them if targets are out of reach.
Support – Do they have adequate support to help when needed or do they feel alone and unsupported?
Room to grow – Do they like they are progressing on a human and professional level within the company? i.e. feel invested in, regarding upskilling, courses etc
Valued – Are they rewarded for their hard work and contribution acknowledged with trips away, even employee of the month, just to say thanks.
Stress Levels – Are they highly stressed day to day, can you as an employer manage this better in any way?

Now I know you can’t control all of these things all of the time, that is simply unrealistic. But you can educate your staff, and show them you care as an employer and make the workplace as geared towards their health and well-being as possible, and watch the productivity levels skyrocket.

Work-life balance is crucial for a happy healthy workplace.

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