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Zevo Health Announces Workplace Wellness Partnership with Merchants Quay Ireland

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Tuesday 15th  October 2019 – Zevo® Health, a leading provider of Workplace Wellness programmes & technology, has recently been engaged by leading Irish homeless charity Merchants Quay as a trusted wellness partner.

Zevo® Health has recently gone through a major period of growth with gaining additional clients such as Circle K, Google and The Law Society of Ireland. Zevo’s team of experts have created tailored on site and online trainings for Merchants Quay. The wellbeing programme for Merchants Quay will also be delivered through their state-of-the-art iOS and Android application.

“Zevo Health are delighted to partner with Merchants Quay in its journey to supporting, expanding and ensuring the health and wellbeing of all its employee” said Richard Murphy, CEO of Zevo® Health. “We will be launching the wellness programme across Merchants Quay 8 different sites.” Merchants Quay is a national voluntary organisation that helps people who are homeless and those caught in addiction “ The Zevo Health team look forward to being part of their journey and to help drive positive health outcomes for the organisation!”

Expert-Led Insights

Zevo’s team of experts have worked comprehensively to understand the wellness requirements of Merchants Quay employees and from this research, have developed an approach grounded in psychological theory and underpinned by data gathered from Merchant Quay’s own workforce.

Health and Wellness Through Industry-Leading Technology

Utilising smart wearables such as Garmin and Fitbit devices, as well as access to Zevo’s health coaches, the Zevo Health technology will allow employees access to a progressive wellbeing programme.

Each employee will have access to health coaches, enabling the education and motivation of Merchant Quay’s employees on healthy eating habits that can help manage stress, increase fitness, and lead to a healthy heart.

Merchants Quay will soon be taking part in a company challenge through Zevo’s application. This challenge will help in getting the employees moving more, increases engagement and boosts morale throughout the organisation.

Community and Support

Zevo Health’s tailored technology will ensure all staff members can take part – enabling the strengthening of teams, encouraging healthy habits and connecting employees through company culture. With access to Zevo’s expert health coaches, each staff member will obtain one-to-one advice and support on anything to do with the approach, including help in devising a personal plan specific to their individual needs.

Complementing these online initiatives, employees will have access to Zevo’s Health Coaches through a live chat facility, which further personalise the service and ensure real-time queries can be addressed.

About Zevo® Health

Zevo Health is transforming workplace wellbeing. Zevo Health is a bunch of energetic, creative and humble human beings determined to transform wellbeing in the workplace and help organisations to create environments where people can thrive and do their best work by optimising employee engagement and support mental health in the workplace through evidence-based, tailored face to face programmes and innovative user-focused technology

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