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Mental Health Awareness Month

Access and share these free resources recognizing mental health awareness in Trust & Safety


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Importance of Mental Health in Content Moderation

Looking after the mental health of employees is important in any workplace setting. However, in…

Online Harassment: Mental Health Challenges for Content Moderators

Defining Online Harassment and Prevalence  The Digital Trust and Safety Partnership (2023) defines online harassment…

Ensuring Mental Wellbeing for Content Moderators: The Vital Role of Clinical Supervision

Introduction  We know the work that Content Moderators do is hard. Reviewing potentially egregious content…

Webinars & Podcasts

Minding the Mental Health of Gaming Content Moderators

Empowering Your Workplace: Mental Health Champion Training

E-Books & Whitepapers

What Can Organisations Do to Improve Content Moderator Wellbeing?

ISO 45003 - Managing Psychological Health In The Workplace

A Comprehensive Literature Review of Factors Contributing to Vicarious Trauma