Exploring an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

In this episode of Zevo Talks, Sarah Keane is joined in conversation by community pharmacist, Elizabeth O’Hagan, to discuss key components of the Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

Former classmates from the Integrative Health and Lifestyle Programme, University of Arizona, Sarah and Liz discuss some of the main similarities and differences between the Anti-Inflammatory dietary guidelines advocated by Dr Andrew Weil and his team of clinicians, in comparison with other evidence-based dietary patterns such as the Mediterranean Diet and Global National Healthy Eating Guidelines.

Learn about some of the most concerning trends with regard to prevalent metabolic imbalances and chronic health conditions – and the incredibly powerful role our food choices can play in not only reducing the risks of developing illness, but also greatly enhancing how we feel and function day to day and improving longevity


  • The concerning increase in prescriptions for preventable health conditions
  • The powerful anti-inflammatory effect of certain food groups
  • Simple ways to overcome common barriers and make simple changes that last