Moderator Resilience: Supporting Trust and Safety teams through war time

In this month’s insightful episode of Zevo Talks, Shauna Farrell, Digital Therapy Clinical Lead, joins our host, Dr. Michelle Teo, Clinical Director for Zevo Health, to discuss how we can support Trust and Safety teams during times of war.

Content moderators are now witnessing world events firsthand through their screens. Although there are tools and processes in place to mitigate the impact of what they experience, a deeper understanding of how these experiences affect them can make all the difference.

Key Takeaways:

  • Differentiating between being sympathetic and having the lived experience
  • Understanding why switching off isn’t always an option or the best option for those from war-torn countries
  • Addressing the guilt associated with not participating actively in the war and finding ways to support it
  • Recognizing that feeling overwhelmed is to be expected
  • The crucial role of the ecosystem surrounding content moderators, including the support provided by managers

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