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Wellbeing in
Content Moderation

Bringing content moderators the best-in-class wellbeing solutions to maintain and retain a resilient team.


Supporting some of the biggest leaders in technology across the globe

We are providing wellbeing solutions for organisations across the globe and supporting 1000’s of content moderators in creating a resilient workforce.

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We support trust and safety teams in leading information technology & internet industry organisations


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Our full suite of services are entirely managed by Zevo Health and provide by licensed mental health specialists/psychologists.


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Successfully operationalise staffing models across 24/7

Supporting teams with crisis incidents

Why the largest IT companies and BPO's choose us

Content moderators arguably do one of the most important jobs on the internet. They help safeguard users from exposure to egregious content while being exposed to that content themselves. Content moderation only continues to grow and the need to safeguard CMs well-being is paramount.

Workplace well-being supports traditionally focused on the provision of therapeutic intervention and mental health training. We believe that creating a resilient workforce of CMs requires more than these outdated models. Our multi-disciplinary team of subject matter experts in physical and mental health design workplace well-being solutions that are tailored to the needs of the CM population. 

Every function of your operation is considered from organizational risk assessment to candidate screening and hiring, provision of psychological services to address the risk to CMs of developing vicarious trauma, and leaver support. We provide solutions that can be scaled as you grow and re-assessed and re-designed at any point of your journey with Zevo Health. 

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An Employee's Journey

An Employee's Journey

New hire: Risk prevention is taken BEFORE any content is viewed


Supporting organizations to develop interview questions and making recommendations for psychometrics to assess resilience and self-care management

Psychological Health & Safety

Preventing or limiting harm through assessment of risks. Development of a resiliency plan.

Employee has access to resources to enhance resilience and coping skills

Zevo Wellbeing Specialists

Onboarding training, counselling, coaching, resilience sessions, and peer group support services

 Specialist treatment and support when illness or injury occurs due to exposure to content or other work-related stressors

OCC Health Referrals

Specialists trained to assess social, occupational, and personal dimensions of well-being. Provides recommendations for employers and referrals for further treatment.

Trauma Informed Crisis Management

Counselling or peer support implemented when content escalates. Aids in processing experiences and to foster recovery

Employee leaving the organization is provided with resources


Leaver booklet that includes wellbeing resources

A Comprehensive Literature Review of Factors Contributing To Vicarious Trauma

In this in-depth literature review, we explore factors contribution to vicarious trauma and the potential impact this has for content moderators in Trust & Safety roles


Free E-Book | The Importance of wellbeing support for content moderators

Download our e-book to learn more about why workplace wellbeing is crucial for content moderators and how employers can support the wellbeing of their content moderators.


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A modern EAP solution at your fingertips

Wellbeing 360

Give your employees immediate support and access to a range of counsellors who specialise in psychology and wellbeing. Wellbeing 360 is a modern and leading-edge technology approach to EAP support available 24/7, no matter the employee’s location. A counsellor will be available to support your employees though common workplace stressors including depression, anxiety, addictions, grief, and loss, along with many other areas.


Join us at the forefront of wellbeing in content moderation