In this webinar, Senior Wellbeing Consultant, Dr Pamela Lennon will explore the complexities and challenges supporting mental health in the workplace. Many employees still do not feel that their wellbeing is being supported and many organisations are unsure about how they can help. For both, it can be difficult to approach the topic. 

There are a number of structured solutions that can help support mental health at employee, management and leadership level. Training Mental Health Champions in the workplace is one of these solutions and can help tackle issues such as stigma, lack of understanding on how to support others as well as provide skills training to support for those affected by mental health difficulties. This training also equips participants with the skills to support their own wellbeing and how they can to signpost to additional support. 


This webinar will explore

  • The importance of prioritising mental health in the workplace  
  • Solutions for supporting mental health at work, 
  • How training employees in Mental Health support roles can help 
  • An overview of our CPD Accredited CPD 1 day workshop 
  • Evidence-based findings from our Mental Health Champion Case Study 

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