We live in a time of rapid change. The pace at which life moves can sometimes leave us looking externally for quick fixes to manage our energy- a quick bite here, a late meal there- and with that we have seen a rise in cases of obesity, poor mental health and metabolic diseases.

Changing work models have shifted the tradition of three-square meals and early to bed, to a model of eating and sleeping that goes against are natural body clock, our circadian rhythm. When occupation is a necessity, how can we better manage our health and reduce the risk of chronic disease when working in this type of environment?

In this webinar Leah Headon, Wellbeing Specialists and Performance Nutritionist will explore the topic of Chrononutrition- the science of how food, metabolism, meal timing, and your body clock interact, and the choices we can put in place, through the power of awareness, to optimise our physical health when working in the modern workplace.


-The power of awareness through body attunement

-Understanding circadian rhythm and body clocks

-The impact of dysregulated blood glucose on wellbeing and performance

-The basics of performance nutrition including the 3 T’s

-Exploring chrononutrition and the opportunities it presents for health

-Solutions to common workplace fitness and nutrition challenges

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