Content Moderators need additional stress management training due to the unique nature of their role, juggling normal work stressors with the additional psychological demands of reviewing content. As a moderator, you often need to navigate complex community standards and policy, adhere to high performance expectations and work demands, all while maintaining accuracy reviewing challenging content to safeguard platform users. The resulting hypervigilance and cognitive overload required to reach daily quotas and the nature of content itself can activate the nervous system and impact emotional and psychological wellbeing 

In this webinar, we will explore some creative yet practical techniques to release tension and help calm the nervous system so that you can better manage work stresses, reaction to content and help switch off at the end of the workday for better recovery. When difficult emotions accumulate and are not released, they can develop into psychological disorders and physical health problems. Therefore these practices, based on Somatic Psychology, are a body-based approach to releasing stress, tension, and trauma from the body. Finally, this session will also explore factors that support Content Moderator resilience while also acknowledging the external, and organizational impacts and the importance of Psychological Safety. 


This webinar will explore

  • Understand work stressors unique to Content Moderators.
  • Learn practical exercises to help release stress and tension, such as grounding, safety and soothing techniques, visualization, sensation awareness, breathwork, and somatic movement.
  • Explore factors that help support moderator resilience and learn how to acknowledge when additional support is needed. 

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