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Workplace Wellbeing Warrior

Recognising and rewarding drivers of workplace wellbeing

Who goes the extra mile?

Here at Zevo Health, we understand the importance of employee recognition and rewarding people who go that extra mile to remain engaged and drive wellbeing through the culture of their organisation.

That is why we have developed The Workplace Wellbeing Warrior Employee Recognition Award.

How does it work?

The idea behind The Workplace Wellbeing Warrior award is to reward those employees in your organisation that make a significant contribution to your organisation's wellbeing.

Ask yourself, does that individual make the extra effort to boost employee morale and ensure everyone is valued and happy in work? If so, this person is a perfect candidate to be a Workplace Wellbeing Warrior.

This award is a fantastic way to recognise someone deserving of the award but also a great way to showcase your company as drivers of workplace wellbeing.

What are the next steps?

Simply fill out the form below with your nominee and the reasons why have chosen them and we will contact you if your application is successful.

If a nominee is successful, we will then contact that person to let them know they have been nominated and have won the title of Workplace Wellbeing Warrior.

We will then conduct a small interview with them, from which we will create an published blog piece that will be sent out through our blog and social channels.

We also issue the winner with a certificate, for them to hang proudly in their place of work.

Who is your workplace wellbeing warrior?

Please fill out the below form to nominate your warrior