About this webinar

Recognizing the significance of diversity and inclusion in content moderation is often underestimated or perceived merely as a token effort. However, as content moderation evolves, the necessity of a diverse workforce becomes increasingly critical.

It’s essential to appreciate the various dimensions of diversity, including aspects such as religion, race, neurodiversity, and gender, among others. Each of these areas represents unique challenges for employees. Implementing small, thoughtful practices can enable managers and colleagues to foster an inclusive workplace environment.

Join Shrishti Sharma, a Psychologist and Wellbeing Specialist to discuss the true significance of advancing diversity, its impact on individuals both on and off the screen, and why it should be valued and not overlooked.


  • What does diversity look like?
  • Barriers to Diversity and Inclusion in content moderation Real-life examples of how D&I influences the day-to-day.
  • Strategies for advancing diversity and inclusion.
  • Forecasted challenges on the horizon

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