About this webinar

Psychological health and safety hazards in content moderation can fall under two main categories – those that broadly apply to the role in general, and those that are more specific to the context which includes the type of content being reviewed (workflow), the particulars of the job design (break schedule/ targets/ work hours) and the workspace design (relaxation spaces, choice architecture, ergonomics). Significant discrepancies can exist between employers in the latter category, and so it is important to recognize that content moderation is an umbrella term for a highly varied work experience. Appreciating this extensive variance in content moderation is crucial as we discuss innovations in mental health support for these employees.

In recent years there has been leaps and bounds in the quality of mental health support provided to Content Moderators – the space is highly dynamic, and in this tech enabled world, interventions are rapidly evolving.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trauma-informed job design
  • Cross-cultural sensitivity in intervention design
  • A 360-degree approach – beyond mitigating risks to enhancing health and wellbeing
  • Moving past resilience towards cultivating adaptability
  • Next-level crisis management support

Sarah Keane, Senior Wellbeing Consultant at Zevo Health will explore the evolution of intervention design and how supports are being upgraded in line with rapid technological developments. The AI race is transforming our digital reality in unimaginable ways, placing Content Moderators on the front line. We look forward to a deep dive into the next level of support for these vital helpers.

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