Damian McCourtIn the workplace, diversity is understanding and recognising that each individual is unique, while inclusion is respecting that unique difference in a way that makes it part of the workplace culture.

Joining us to discuss how to build a diverse and inclusive workplace is Damian McCourt, High Performance Coach in Stress Management, Workplace Mindfulness and Wellbeing. Damian has studied organisational and social psychology, developmental psychology, research methods and sociology at Dublin City University, and holds a diploma in Mindfulness and Wellbeing recognised by the Institute of Commercial Management. He has extensive experience in workplace mindfulness and in identifying and mitigating workplace stressors.

This webinar will cover:

  • How diversity and inclusion are often paired together and how this is not always the best strategy.
  • The issues you may come across why making diversity and inclusion a part of your business.
  • How to overcome any issues when incorporating diversity and inclusion in to your workplace.
  • The benefits your workplace will see from an effective implementation.

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